"Eltanin" - sample routes and prices 2018

Time charters:

For each begun 24 h EUR 900 and additionally EUR 30 per person.

Until agreed otherwise, charter begins and ends in Longyearbyen.

Voyage charter (price for whole boat)

Route: from Longyearbyen too…   price PLN (Polish zloty)
Hornsund (Isbjørnhamna lub Gåshamna) 6500
Kongsfjorden (Ny Ålesund)6400
Billefjorden / Dicksonfjorden / Ekmanfjorden3600
Sassenfjorden 3300
Barentsburg / Tryghamna / Sveabreen3400
Van Mijenfjorden (Svea)5550

Other routes to be agreed.
The same prices are valid for the opposite direction.

Additionally, a fee of PLN 125 per person is charged.

Cargo shipment